Quality management

Quality management is necessary for the safe operation of nuclear facilities, and we provide more support services to program at a nuclear facility and to service suppliers for nuclear facilities under the applicable international standards (IAEA GS-G-3.5 and GS-G-3.1, U.S. 10 CFR Appendix B ):

  • Preparation of QA (Quality) program and procedures;
  • QA Audits
  • QC (Quality Control) Audits;
  • Support for procurement of equipment and spare parts
  • Description of project and technical solutions for systems in nuclear power
  • Consolidation of manual equipment supplier (vendor)
  • Maintenance and development of databases to preserve the configuration and module production quality records
  • Development of specifications for procurement of equipment.


  • Support of NEK RPV Head Replacement
  • QC Procedure development
  • NEK QA Plan, Revision 4 Development Support
  • Support of NEK QA Mechanical Outage Activities
  • Support of NEK QA Fuel Outage Activities
  • QA – Fuel Surveillance Audits Support.